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About Anzan Teb Company

about us

Anzan Teb Azma Pharmaceutical Trading, is a pharmaceutical trading company based in Tehran. With a history of more than ten years in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of high-quality pharmaceutical products to customers.

In 2012, we started working in the field of laboratory equipments. In 2016, we started investigating pharmaceutical API and FDF till 2019 in which we entered the market of raw materials and excipients with concentrated focus on facilitating pharmaceutical manufacturing sector operations.

To do so, we started to be in touch closely with relevant chambers of commerce such as IranTurkey/Iran-Russia/Iran-Iraq/Iran-China/Iran-Belgium/Iran-India/Iran-Italy

Furthermore, have stablishef an active office in Turkey and an a sister company in Dubai helping us to expedite and facilitate money transfer proceedures for our esteemed customers.

Vision & mission

providing supply and manufacturing solutions to local industry and promoting social health through using international facilities and deep experience.

Competitive Advantages

مدیران ما در آنزان طب آزما

مهرداد فضلیان
همر دانشور
CEO and founder
پریسا زندی